The wrath of God on the nation of Afghanistan

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The wrath of God on the nation of Afghanistan

The wrath of God on Afganistan

About the wrath of God on the nation of Afghanistan

In this vision that God showed me about the nation of Afghanistan. I was placed on these mountain range, these mountains were so many and the had pointed heads like peaks, very high and full of white clouds. As I was looking ahead of me, I saw the map of Afghanistan, their flag and inside this map were billions of houses below the range of mountains were I was. I saw these writings in the cloud above the map, the houses and the flag of Afghanistan written in capital letters “THE DESTRUCTION OF THE NATION OF AFGHANISTAN FORT THEIR WICKEDNESS.”  Then the voice of God saying: My daughter, take this bottle of fire from my hand and pour it upon the nation of Afghanistan. Then I looked to my right and saw a big hand that was holding a big bottle filled with fire. The hand was like the shining sunshine but it was just to the elbow. I was petrified, but without me moving, the fire bottle was on my hand and the lord commanded me to throw it on the map of Afghanista where there were multitude of houses. Without hesitation, I threw the fire bottle on the map, the flag and the billions of houses below the range of hills where I stood. The map, the flag and the houses were on fire. This fire was huge and burning all these things. Within what I can called less than a second, the whole massive area was turned to ashes. The floods of water washed all the ashes away at a flash and churches buildings were not affected. The redeemed of the Lord were arrayed in white garments, were there singing and praising God. The voice of the Lord continued, I am the Lord and have executed my wrath on this evil nation that has turned their backs to me and has persecuted my saints, killing  and them burning. They have destroyed  My places where My name is mentioned. My daughter this is My revenge on this nation because they will not repent. I sent My servants to warn them and to leave their evil ways but they refused. I am the Lord that avenges, I am the Lord » Christ 2nd Coming


December 2020