The end-time judgement of the Lord on the unrepentant of the world

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  • 26 Mar 2020
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Christ 2nd Coming

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  • The End-time judgement of the Lord on the unrepentant of the world as shown to me.

Date: 01.06.1982

The Spirit of God took me to a place, and I was inside the clouds of heaven, clouds under me and above me. There were multitudes of angels with trumpets singing HALELUAH, GLORY GLORY TO THE kINGS OF KINGS AND Lord OF LORDS. Their VOICES WERE NOT OF WHAT I HAD HEARD IN MY LIFE, THEY WERE VERY HARMONIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL. TO my surprise, I was in their middle and more bewildered was the fact that I was singing with them. As I was in this unsual position, all of a sudden, I heard this thundery like voice that over shadowed the voices of the angels, then I looked and saw a hand like a shining polished brass to the elbow drawing a square in the clouds on the left and right of the angels. Inside these squares were fires inferno pouring on the map of the whole world. The fires were so intenssed and at the speed it was pouring on the world was beyond the speed of all the aeroplanes of the world put together, very loud, and very like bolts of thunders and lightnings all put together. The heavens were opened on top of us and the atmosphere was indescribable. This place was completely in the colours of a very bright day when the clouds bring out all its colours and very bright and very cool. But the angels and me continued to sing Hossanah in the highest, glory to God Almighty, all praises to the Most High God of heavens of heavens and earth. The Holy Spirit of God gave me conciousness of where I was and what were going on in the vicinity that I was. To my surprise, I was not afraid, everything was normal and the atmospheric conditions were unique and very beautiful. My experience of this phenomenon was beyond human understanding, knowledge and wisdom. I didn’t know how long I was there but if I had my way, I would have stayed there for eternity. Glory be to in the Highest.

Message from God concerning the wrath of God on the world

I heard the voice of the Lord saying:

My daughter, My daughter. I the Lord have come to punish the whole world for their sins.

I God sees all the wickedness that is among the children of men; which they do openly and cannot be hidden from Me the Almighty Lord now; and chosen not repent of them. The wickedness of a people is great indeed and very weighty, when noted sinners are men renowned among them. Very much sin was committed in all places, in all the nations by all sorts of people. I the Lord see that the wickedness of man was great: and that every imagination, or purpose, of the thoughts of man’s heart, was only evil continually. This was the bitter root, the corrupt spring. The heart was deceitful and desperately wicked; the principles were corrupt; the habits and dispositions evil. Their designs and devices were wicked. They did evil deliberately, contriving how to do mischief. There was no one good among them, man’s wickedness are grievous and I he end of the whole world has come to be destroyed forevermore.

They have corrupted My worship. Sins fills the earth with violence, and I the Lord will judge and destroy the world. The contagion spread. They have made wickedness to be become general, all the nations and the evil kingdoms of the whole earth are full of iniquities and rebellious activities that cannot profit them. I the Almighty Lord will render to them the measure of My wrath as it fits, My judgments may be long kept off; but when all hands are at work to pull down the fences, by sin, and none stand in the gap to make up the breach, what can be expected but a flood of wrath of My fires upon all flesh as the time of My floods of water upon all flesh.

The whole world has sinned greatly against Me, their sins are far more than the time of Noah and that of Sodom and Gomorrah. They are worst and stiff-necked, and rebellious, self centred, and self seeking, corrupt, wicked and self willed, deceitful, loveless, lawless, heartless, godless, without natural affection, ruthless, disobedient to God and to all God’s Commandments. Wicked and bad to the bone and the worst generation on this planet earth. They have committed all the sins named in the bible with all their imaginative inventions and destructive inventions, money minded, proud, seeking positions with human knowledge. Ruthless, disobedient to all My words. They killed, maimed, hate, destroy and manipulate. They have neglected My laws and taught my people to go against My laws. They have destroyed My heritages.  They are very rebellious and haughty, and very wicked. They have hardened their hearts and would not repent of their evil ways. Their ways are always evil. They have made covenant with the devil and are all governed by Satan. The will of their father the devil they do always and refuse to change. The are most sinful and wicked and has filled the whole world with wickedness. I have given them ways and time to repent but they repented not from their sins. I the Lord send My prophets to them who had warned them of My wrath to come. I sent them My salvation which they ignored and trampled on My graces and mercies.

The people of the world have ignored My laws and  done the sodomite, man with man, women with women. Girls with girls and boys with boys. The world has turned the good foods that I give my people into foods that make them sick. They have changed the goodness of all the foods that I the Lord Almighty gave the whole world and had blessed for the nourishment of their bodies into something that make them sick. All the farmers of the world have knowingly added poisonous substances and made them bad for consumption, sickly and are now causing all sorts of sicknesses which they blame. This idolatrous world will I the Lord punish with unquenchable fires for their sins, for they are very grievous.

The voice of God continued:

My daughter, the whole world is most deceitful and very bad. They work according to their own wisdom, knowledge and  understanding. They have forgotten Me their maker. The creator of heavens of heavens and earth.

My daughter, I the Almighty Lord will pour My fires upon them like rain.

My daughter, should I the Almighty Lord not punish the whole world for these their abominations, I the Lord will punish them. I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. 

The voice of God continued:

The world has carried out unlimited abortions of unborn babies whose blood has come up to Me and I the Lord is very sad about this, it is like the blood of Abel coming up to Me for vengeance.
My daughter should I the Lord of all flesh punish not punish the world for this? I the Almighty Lord will punish them.

My daughter, the whole world has destroyed my people with their evil inventions.

My daughter, this generation is the worst of all the generations that has ever lived.

My daughter, This generation has taken My name from their important places where My name should be and honoured, they have removed My name from all the places where my name is supposed to be so that my children will learn about Me their creator. They have taken away My laws, have trampled upon it and have taught My people the doctrines of the devils.

They have told Me the Almighty God to get out of the world that I God created.

My daughter My words are not taught to the young ones any more instead the children are taught Satanic doctrines

They have taught my children to forget Me and that human knowledge is the best.

My daughter, the marriage that I the Lord instituted has become a norm and have been abused in such a way that man is married to a man, the thing that Me the Almighty hate. A woman is having a woman as husband and everyone is happy about it. Abominations, abominations and abominations.

My daughter the world stinks and sick from the youngest to the oldest.

My daughter My servants who are called by My name, to whom I the Lord entrusted My word have used My grace and abused it. They call upon Me in the day time but in the secret places they worship demons. My servants have used my word to enriched themselves and live in luxurious lives. They have blasphemously using My name to collect gold, silver and precious things and engaged in worldliness, and adulterous life style. My servants that are called by name have defiled My houses of prayers and had turned them to where they sell their wares. My grace is abused by those that call themselves by My name. They are darkness in the dark world. The whole world is dark and at rest for My Spirist is not working in the hearts of many anymore.

My daughter, should I the Almighty God not punish the whole world for this? I will and will visit them with My fires if perhaps they will repent. I will punish them for their sins. I am the Lord, the creator of heavens of heavens and earth. I am the Lord.