The wrath of God on the world

Date: 01.06.1982

The wrath of Hod on the whole world

The Spirit of God took me to a place, and I was inside the clouds of heaven, clouds under me and above me. There were multitudes of angels with trumpets singing HALELUAH, GLORY GLORY TO THE kINGS OF KINGS AND Lord OF LORDS. Their VOICES WERE NOT OF WHAT I HAD HEARD IN MY LIFE, THEY WERE VERY HARMONIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL. TO my surprise, I was in their middle and more bewildered. As I was in this unsual position, all of a sudden, I heard this thundery like voice that over shadowed the voices of the angels, then I looked and saw a hand like a shining polished brass to the elbow drawing a square in the clouds on the left and right of the angels. Inside these squares were fires inferno pouring on the map of the whole world. The fires were so intenssed and at the speed it was pouring on the world was beyond the speed of all the aeroplanes of the world put together, very loud, and very like bolts of thunders and lightnings all put together. The heavens were opened on top of us and the atmosphere were indescribable. This place was completely in the colours of a very bright days when the clouds brings out all its colours and very bright and very cool. But the angels and me continued to sing Hossanah in the highest, glory to God Almighty, all praises to the Most High God of heavens of heavens and earth. The Holy Spirit of God gave me conciousness of where I was and what were going on in the vicinity that I was. To my surprise, I was not afraid, everything was normal and the atmospheric conditions were unique and very beautiful. My experience of this phenomenon was beyond human understanding, knowledge and wisdom. I didn’t know how long I was there but if I had my way, I would have stayed there for eternity. Glory be to in the Highest.