vision of God’s wrath on Nigeria

Date: 29.07.1987

I was in this place, not knowing why I was there, but when I looked round, I could see that the whole place was lit with the light whose brightness was beyond any human comprehension. the whole surrounding was beautiful. I was wondering what is going to happen, then the voice of God says, My daughter, I the Lord had given you a message to my people the Nigerians concerning their wickedness, I the Lord showed you how I will deal with these their continuous wickedness and the abomination that this evil people are doing. I the Lord cannot see any difference between the Churches that are called by name and the people who do not want to know my name. My churches set idols at the entrances of the houses that are called by my name and pretend to call on my name but at night when it is dark, they worship their idols, will I the Almighty not punish them for these evils? My daughter as long as I live, I will punish them twice more tha I told you before. The people that are my Shephereds have tuned their backs to me to do what do not please me. My daughter, I the Lord will double their punishment and will punish the whole nation for all their wickedness. My daughter, if you tell them to repent , they will not, because they very obstinate and rebellious nation. All of a sudden, I saw in front of me the map of Nigeria and an object that looked like two big touches joined together, with two big eyes, these eyes were revolving and fires were coming out of them and also the fires surrounded the Nigerian map. I was so afraid, I wanted to speak, but I felt like I was frozen and could no utter a word, I wanted to raise my arms but I could not. Then the voice of God continued saying: My daughter, I am the Lord that searches human hearts. I am the Lord, I am the Lord.

When I woke up, I prayed for my own sins, the forgiveness of the Nation’s sins and wrote letters to the then President, some news papers like I did before but alas no reply